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Wildfire Defense


A wildfire in your area does not have to end in tragedy.  If necessary, we will create a defensible space landscape design and management plan to minimize fuel bridges to your residence or facilities.

Alfonso + Brown technicians can design and specify a variety of exterior sprinkler systems either around or on a building to help protect it in a wildfire.  


There are numerous success stories where a properly designed landscape and exterior sprinkler system either around or on a building has protected the structure from burning.  With new technologies, remote satellite-enabled activation is possible so the inhabitants can operate the system with their smartphone after they have evacuated or while travelling.


Backup water and power sources are a must.  For unique situation and large properties, a linear heat detection cable (HDC) makes sense.  The cables can detect heat conditions anywhere along the length of the cable.  Once the polymer coating melts, the conductors initiate contact with one another and communicate with the control panel to sound alarms or activate suppressing systems. 

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